Coping with Grief in the Summer
Post by: Ryan Jacobson - General Manager

Summertime can be a wonderful time. But if you have recently lost a loved one, it can also be a difficult time. The summer season can be made even harder when you see lots of other people outdoors having fun. You may not feel like celebrating and you may even feel guilty about your own happiness.

Here are some tips to help deal with grief in the summer:

Give yourself time. If this is the first summer without your loved one, it can be tempting to try to push yourself back into the activities you used to enjoy. Summer months can be busy, but make sure to give yourself time and space to grieve as well. 

Try out things you used to enjoy. You may find these things are too painful at first, especially if they were activities you enjoyed with your loved one. However, if you give them a try, you may also find you still enjoy them.

Go outside if possible. A dose of some sunshine and Vitamin D can help you cope with stress.

Try a new activity or tradition that honors your loved one. Find a way to dedicate some time to remembering your loved one in a purposeful way. You might plan a special picnic at a spot your loved one always enjoyed visiting or plan a vacation to a spot that was important to them.

Remember that it still ok to have fun. If you have experienced a loss you may feel like you will never be able to laugh or have fun again. When you do find yourself having a good time you may feel guilty, like you are dishonoring your loved one. But know that it is ok to find joy and be happy. It may help to do things that bring up happy memories of your loved one, such as swimming or going for a walk on the beach.

Get help if you are still struggling. If you find that you can’t shake your feelings of sadness at all or start to feel overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to seek out a counselor or support group to help you out. You can also seek out online options if you choose. 


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Ryan Jacobson

Ryan Jacobson

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