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The Firsts You Don't Expect

There are many "firsts" after losing a loved one that most people don't necessarily like to think about.

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In our lifetimes we all have those special life changing moments, perhaps some with excitement and overwhelming joy. While some are met with heartbreak and tears.

We all anticipate a baby's first step, first words and first day of school. We anticipate graduation from High School and College.

We plan on the bigger things like buying your first car, the joy of a wedding and the pride of buying a new home.

What about the other "firsts" that most people don't necessarily like to think about? There are also many firsts after losing a loved one.

It's those "firsts" that can seem like a mountain that you will never reach the top of. The first night of sleeping in your home alone, the first month of paying the bills on your own and especially the first anniversary of your loved one's passing.

It is difficult sometimes to realize that some things will ever be the same after you lose a loved one. You may feel left out of your circle of friends because they may feel it will upset you to be around other couples. Unfortunately, they do not realize that their actions may actually be making you feel worse.

First, know that you are not alone; in fact, there are more people dealing with those "firsts" than you know.

Take a deep breath when you are having a "first" moment. Take a look outside and see the beauty of nature. It can be as simple as seeing a hummingbird or a dragonfly or a cloud formation. If you are so inclined: pray or meditate, turn over your grief and stress and sadness to a higher power.

Know that you are not alone in these feelings. There are so many others that are going through the same "firsts" with you. We are not just a funeral home, we are your extended family during your time of grief. Our website and office have several grief resources available to you and your family should you need them. If you need to talk about your experience, we are a phone call away.

Our staff is always here for you.


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