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Healing Projects to Help You Cope with Grief
Harkey Funeral Home in Monahans, TX

Different people cope with grief in different ways. One way you might consider channeling your bereaved emotions is through a hands-on project, something that lets you turn your negative feelings into something concrete and beautiful. A project can be immensely therapeutic, and it can help you effectively manage stress and anxiety.

There are many different projects you could take on. One common example is to plant a tree. Devote a warm Saturday morning to digging a hole and planting your sapling; devote this new life to the memory of your deceased loved one.

Creative expression can also be invaluable. Maybe this means writing a poem to honor your loved one. Maybe it means composing a song. Or maybe it means painting, drawing, or sculpting. There’s no wrong answer here. The important thing is to find something that sounds fun and therapeutic to you.

Another option is to create a memory box. In it, you can place photos and mementos to help you keep your loved one’s spirit near and dear. Memory boxes can be great places to store cremated remains and cremation keepsakes, too.

Note that some of these projects can be taken on solo, but others may be good group activities—allowing you and your family members to process grief together. The memory box idea can be a good one to do with kids, allowing them a tactile and creative way to remember their deceased loved one.

These projects can all be helpful for improving your mental and emotional health, and for giving you a constructive outlet for grief. Start thinking about a project you’d like to take on as you navigate this healing journey. 



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