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What Exactly Does a Funeral Director Do?
Harkey Funeral Home in Monahans, TX

Funeral directors have challenging and complex jobs. A funeral director’s job is to arrange all aspects of your loved one’s service in a way that honors your loved one’s legacy, but there are many other things that a funeral director will take care of for you in addition to simply planning the service.

It is important to make sure you are working with a licensed funeral director. Becoming a funeral director takes years of education and hands-on training. Funeral directors must pass exams and be licensed to operate.

A funeral director is there to listen and comfort families during the start of their grief journey. Funeral directors can provide information for grief support resources as well.

A funeral director will arrange for transportation of the deceased if necessary. Funeral directors know whom to contact to help transport your loved one as well as what paperwork is involved.

If you choose to have a burial, your funeral director will prepare the body of your loved one for viewing and burial. They will also aide with the necessary legal paperwork and be present at the burial, as required by law. If you choose to have a cremation, your funeral director will manage that process as well, including the paperwork, authorizations, and permitting necessary.

If you choose to manage some of the memorial events yourself, your funeral director will have access to reliable resources to assist you, such as venues and vendors – everything from flowers to catering.

There is also a great deal of paperwork that funeral directors must submit. One of the most important forms that funeral directors will submit for you is a formal death certificate, which is necessary to claim important government death benefits.  If your loved one was a veteran, they will also help you file the paperwork necessary for military funeral benefits.

Becoming a licensed funeral director takes years of hard work and dedication, but for most the payoff is immeasurable. Being a funeral director is a calling and supporting families during some of the most challenging days of their lives is what makes their profession so rewarding.



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