Healing Through Meditation
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As you seek healthy and holistic ways to navigate the grieving process, one practice to consider is meditation. Even if you have never tried meditation before, you may find it to be beneficial to you in more ways than one.

For example, meditation can teach you how to get your mind "unstuck" from a particular topic or feeling - the upshot of which is better rest, less time spent tossing and turning and trying to turn your brain off.

Meditation can have some profound benefits to your physical health, as well - alleviating headaches, muscle tension, and unsettled feelings in your stomach. Many experts will tell you that meditation boosts your immune system, too; during a season of life where stress leaves your body weakened and vulnerable, this immune system boost can help you stay well.

Additionally, meditation can help you cultivate mental resilience; it won't take away your sadness or grief, but it may help you create a mental barrier against trauma and anxiety.

Finally, as you spend time in meditation, you may find that it enriches your sense of empathy and your ability to connect with other people in your life who are mourning - all of which helps you to feel less alone. The tricky part is actually getting started with meditation. One option is to enroll in a local class or ask members of your grief support group for a recommendation. There are also some good apps and online videos that will guide you through mindfulness meditation and focused breathing exercises.

Consider meditation; even if you're skeptical, you may ultimately find it to be a powerful way to relax your body, fortify your mind, and put your emotional well-being first.


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