What happens if someone takes my bronze vase from my plot?
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Many grave markers have a small bronze vase. These vases are housed in a hole in the center of the grave marker upside down when they are not in use.

What happens if I notice that the vase is missing from my loved one’s marker?

First, double check that the vase is truly missing. Sometimes families think a vase missing, not realizing that it has been stored in the marker itself. If you check and see that the vase is truly missing, then you should contact the cemetery to find out what might have happened.

Unfortunately, there are times when many vases may go missing at once. This is because the bronze material is valuable and can be recycled for money, so thieves may come take the vases. Typically, when this happens the cemetery will replace all the vases at no cost.

Either way, if the vase is truly missing check with the cemetery before you purchase a new one. They may be willing to replace your vase.

What if I need to replace the vase myself?

If the vase has been lost or damaged it may be up to the family to replace it. It is very easy to get a replacement vase. Talk to the cemetery director or your funeral director if you need help.

There are many places to go online to purchase replacements as well. A simple internet search will bring up replacement websites. Replacement vases can vary widely in cost, so you may want to shop around. You will also want to double check to make sure the vase fits in the opening on your monument.

These days, many vases can be found that are made of zinc or other materials. While these materials may not look the same as your original vase, these other materials are much less valuable.  This makes them less attractive to thieves. If you do have to purchase a new vase you may want to consider one of a different and less valuable material so that it will be less likely to be taken.


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