What Do I Do When a Death Occurs Away from My Home State?
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When a loved one dies, there are certain steps and procedures that the surviving family members must follow in order to ensure the body is properly cared for. Depending on the circumstances of the death, these steps might include calls to local doctors or coroners, as well as arrangements made with the local funeral home.

Indeed, the process usually includes representatives from the funeral home coming to collect the body and prepare it for interment - but what happens when the death occurs and you are far from home, perhaps even in a state other than your own? This sort of thing happens more and more frequently, and it comes with some special needs and considerations.

One option is to contact a mortuary shipper, who can transport the body back to the home state. This is always a possibility, but be aware that it can prove costly. When transporting a body, there are some rigid requirements that must be met, including a lot of paperwork to fill out, and you will need to have funeral directors both at the location of the death and at the ultimate location of the funeral in order to coordinate the transfer. These expenses can sometimes lead to higher costs for the service. Funeral Directors are well-versed in these types of situations and are trained to help you find the best solutions for your family's needs and budget.

An alternative is to have a cremation done at the location of death, then arrange to have the cremated remains transported to the home state for a funeral or cremation ceremony. This is a straightforward solution that can save family members a lot of headaches, to say nothing of expense.


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