What are some creative ways to personalize an outdoor service?
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These days, many families are choosing to hold their funeral and memorial services outdoors to allow for easier social distancing. While it might seem that holding an outdoor service would limit your options for memorializing your loved one, this is not the case. Most anything that can be done indoors can be done outdoors as well.

In fact, holding an outdoor service can actually allow you hold an even more creative and personalized service. For example, you could hold a service at a location that was important to your loved one. You might choose to hold a service at park or even in your own backyard. However, remember that if you hold a service in a public space that you need to ask permission and reserve the space if possible. For example, if you use a public park you would want to make sure other families are not using the space while you are trying to hold your service. 

If you hold your service at a cemetery or somewhere with enough space, you could set up special stations with pictures, memorabilia, and stories. Then attendees would be able to walk around and visit the stations to learn more about the life of your loved one and remember them. This would also allow for spacing between visitors to maintain social distancing.

Being outdoors also allows for other creative elements such as a butterfly or dove release or the inclusion of special vehicles or animals.

Most common service elements are easy to set up outside as well. You can have musicians or show videos. Memorabilia can be displayed. If you want to live stream your service, that can typically be done outside.

Sanitizer stations and water stations can be set up near the service. Tents can be set up to make people more comfortable and protect them from the weather.

Whatever it is that you would like to do, make sure to talk to your funeral service provider. They have lots of experience setting up all kinds of services and will work with you to plan a beautiful and meaningful service, no matter where that service might be held.



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