Mend a Broken Heart Month
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February can be a trying time for those who have experienced a loss. And while for most, February has other more symbolic meanings, it is also Mend a Broken Heart Month. In the spirit of mending broken hearts, here are a few ways to cope with the grief of a lost loved one.

For those who have experienced a recent loss, the prospect of going out and dating again can seem scary and even disrespectful to their lost partner. There are plenty of dating groups both community and online that specialize in helping widows and widowers find love again after a loss. These groups often provide both emotional support and physical activities to encourage those who are bereaved to mingle and grow together past their grief.

If your grief is still too recent, there are projects that can help ease the pain of loss. If your lost beloved had a favorite shirt or sweater that you don't mind parting with: try adding some pillow filler to the garment and sew up the sleeves and the neck. The completed pillow can now provide some comfort, as if your lost loved has never truly left.

If there was a cause that you and your lost loved one supported together: try donating your time or energy to the same cause to honor their legacy. If there was not a cause that you and your loved one shared, there are plenty of other causes that are doing great work during the month of February. In addition to Mend a Broken Heart Month, February is also Women's Heart Health Month. Those causes can be supported by donating blankets to those in need, winter coats to the homeless or donating time to visit the lonely in hospice care centers or local nursing homes and hospitals.

This February, take some time to try and mend a broken heart: be it yours or someone else's. Know that you are not alone and that things will improve.


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