5 Ways to Honor Your Father's Memory on Father's Day
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The passing of a parent is hard, especially each year as holidays roll around. With June comes Father’s Day, which can make you miss your father a little more than usual. However, there are plenty of ways that you can honor his memory and make the day meaningful even though he’s gone.

1. Visit his grave or ashes.

Make a trip to his gravesite, or spend some time with his ashes. Talk to him as though he were there, and leave flowers or a small memento. You can also have a moment of silence in his honor.

2. Spend time at his favorite place.

Did he have a favorite restaurant or spot in the park or place he liked to visit? Feel his presence with you as you spend time there this year. You could also do one of his favorite activities or make his favorite meal to feel a little closer to him.

3. Reminisce with others.

Talk to family and friends and share the wonderful memories you have together. Look at pictures or keepsakes and remember times past. You can connect with others who knew him and miss him as well and keep his memory alive through your stories.

4. Donate in his memory.

Donate to your late father’s favorite charitable organization or one that supports a cause that affected him. You can honor his memory be making a donation and making a difference.

5. Write him a letter.

Sit down and write a letter telling your father about everything that has been happening in your life. Let him know you miss him. Write down whatever is on your mind. Store all of your letters in a keepsake box or somewhere safe.

Missing your father after he passes is normal, but it is possible to keep his memory alive and honor him through the way you live your life.


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