How Do I Choose the Right Cemetery?
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As you plan for the burial of a deceased loved one, you'll need to address a few basic questions - and the first of those questions is where?

Often, individuals purchase cemetery plots well before they die. In other cases, they may leave behind a will or other document that stipulates where they wish their final resting place to be. Occasionally, though, it will be up to surviving family members to select a cemetery that will be suitable.

If your loved one was a military veteran, you may wish to look into VA cemeteries near you. Also consider that most cemeteries have veteran sections, which should provide you with plenty of options for personalization. And if your loved one adhered to a particular religion, it may be worth investigating cemeteries associated with that faith tradition. Otherwise, you’ll probably just want to find a public cemetery. A good starting place is to ask your funeral director for a recommendation.

If your loved one is to be cremated, it's important to find a cemetery that offers either a columbarium or an urn garden, or at least one that permits urns to be buried in traditional plots. (Most do, but it doesn’t hurt to verify.)

In researching local cemeteries, make sure you ask about the cost as well as any maintenance fees associated with the plot. Also ask what the cemetery will do to maintain the gravesite, and what your responsibilities will be as the family member. Finally, ask if there are any restrictions or stipulations on the kinds of casket that are permitted.

Again, as you navigate this important decision, don’t hesitate to seek counsel from your funeral director, who will be able to help you locate the cemetery that best aligns with your needs and your loved one's final wishes.



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