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What to Do With Family Plots When Families Change
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Sometimes individuals will find that their relatives have purchased comprehensive family burial plots for children and other loved ones to use. However, many find that it is uncommon for families to "stay together” geographically in a way to practically use these burial plots. In addition, children—and grandchildren—of the original deed-holder will often wish to be buried with their spouse or pursue another form of burial. 

Is it Disrespectful to Not Use a Family Burial Plot?
Many will question whether it is disrespectful to plan to be buried in another cemetery than what one’s predecessors purchased. However, it is important to remember that every individual has a right to carry out his or her funeral and burial as chosen. Having these discussions before the plot owner or deed holder has passed can be a great way to mitigate any future confusion—and possibly sell any unneeded plots. 

Memorializing a Family Plot with a Marker

Although an individual may wish to place his or her remains somewhere other than a family plot, there are some ways to memorialize the concept of the family without having to pursue burial. For example, if the deceased wishes to be buried next to a spouse in a different location, the surviving relatives can opt to place an additional marker on the original family plot. Although an individual is not buried there, this is a great way to respect the wishes of parents, grandparents, and other ancestors without having to compromise the personal desires of the deceased.


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