Will the Funeral Home Help Me Process My VA Burial Benefits?
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This is a standard service offered without charge, by law, by all funeral homes. Burial benefits apply to all honorably-discharged Veterans and may include, depending on the Veteran and their family’s wishes, everything from headstones and memorial plaques to an honor guard and bugler for the burial ceremony itself. There are also possible financial benefits associated with burial costs, and an experienced funeral director understands how to process those applications most effectively.

Veterans and their families who take advantage of a trusted funeral director’s services in advance of their time of need will be able to avoid most of the normal frustrations of dealing with the VA, military and civilian "benefits bureaucracies”. For example, prior to applying for any burial benefits, the Veteran or their family must have a copy of the Veteran’s DD-214, and many people either can’t find those discharge papers or have lost them. Helping to obtain this critical document is often the first task that a funeral director accomplishes for the family. Also, if the Veteran has other forms of burial coverage, such as company or lodge benefits, the director is the right person to coordinate obtaining the maximum benefits owed from every source, not just from the VA and the Branch of Service.

Many families these days are going beyond the standard military burial for their honored Veteran and are creating lovely and lasting memorials that commemorate their service and their lives. Funeral homes and cemeteries often have special areas for Veterans and family members and are always happy to discuss personalized burial and commemoration plans, especially if there is plenty of time to plan ahead.



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