Understanding the Funeral Director’s Role
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There has always been the misconception that the "undertaker" or "mortician" is a cold careless role and thus a cold and careless person. That misconception couldn't be further from the truth. We do try and not get too emotionally involved but that is to help the families we work with, work through their own grief without any unnecessary emotional interference. We understand that coming into our home is the absolute last place you want to be. We understand that a funeral home is a place where you didn't think you'd be the day before. That's why we try to make our funeral home as inviting as possible.

Our role is filled with emotions but we use those emotions to help us empathize with you and your family during one of the most difficult periods any person could go through. We understand that everyone's journey with grief is different. We have also been on grief journeys of our own as we go through our days missing those that we have loved and lost.

The fact that you are here at our funeral home is priceless to me. You have trusted us with something so precious and important. We want to have the strength and courage to help you make it through the next few days and the rest of those days moving forward. We want you to know that the legacy of your family members will never be forgotten and that we did all we could to help honor that legacy.

We aren't just an undertaker or a mortician or a funeral director. We are mothers, sons, daughters, wives, husbands and members of this fine community. Our families, spouses, significant others and children understand that when the phone rings during dinner, late at night or over the holidays that it's just part of our job. We believe in the funeral industry and are proud that our staff has hundreds of years of experience and we are here for you: at any time and under any situation.


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