Good Relief in Expressing Feelings
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Too often, we think of grief as a negative thing. It's more accurate to say that grief is a necessary and healthy way to process negative feelings. While it is uncomfortable to experience grief, it is a positive thing because it starts you on the road to healing.

When you lose a loved one, it can have a disruptive impact on your emotional and mental health, leaving you feeling unmoored. Keeping those negative feelings bottled up will only make the problem worse. The grieving process is how that negativity can be properly channeled, articulated, and dealt with - paving the way for healing.

For this reason, the worst thing you can do during the grieving process is to try to stifle your emotions or bottle your feelings. Attempting to "keep it to yourself" means those negative feelings churn and rage inside you, which can have a corrosive impact on your well-being.

It's okay if there are days or even seasons when you don't want to talk about the way you're feeling - but ultimately, grief is something that needs to be processed out loud, whether that means talking with a close friend, a therapist, or the members of a grief support group.

Additionally, remember that grief can have different stages - and that all of these stages can be good in their own way. Depression, denial, and anger can all be part of the grief journey. None of these emotions are particularly fun, but they can be helpful. Each one represents your mind trying to work out the sensation of loss.

Grieving is always tough, but it can also be productive - ultimately moving you into a healthier headspace. As you go through the good but hard process of grieving, remember to show yourself some patience and some grace.



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