Why is it Important to Work with a Licensed Funeral Director?
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When meeting with a funeral director, one of the most important things to check is that you are working with a licensed funeral director. All funeral directors must be licensed by their state to practice.

Funeral directors undergo an enormous amount of training. Most states require a post-high school degree, often in mortuary science. Funeral directors must typically pass both a National and State Board certification exam.

After finishing school, apprentice funeral directors must be supervised by a fully licensed funeral director until they themselves are licensed. Apprentice funeral directors on a provisional license must perform a set number of burial, cremation, and/or embalming cases under supervision.

Typically, an apprentice funeral director must submit proof of their internship to a state board which will review the information and decide whether they are eligible to receive their license.

Working with a licensed funeral director ensures that you are working with a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional who understands all the legalities that come with a funeral, burial or cremation.

Additionally, a portion of the funeral charges you pay covers the fees associated with working with your funeral director. You are paying for their experience, the fact that they know all the legalities surrounding the burial or cremation of your loved one, and the responsibilities that they are taking on in caring for your loved one.

If you want to know if the funeral director you are working with is licensed, you can always ask. In most states, funeral directors are required to display their license in the funeral home. You may also be able to go on your state’s Funeral Service Commission website and complete a search to verify that your funeral director of choice is licensed. 

If, for some reason, a family realizes that they have not been working with a licensed funeral director, they should file a report with the Funeral Service Commission in their state.

Make sure you are working with a licensed funeral director before beginning any of your funeral planning.


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