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What are Some Ways to Honor the Memory of a Pet?
Post by: Stephens Funeral Home Staff

Even though we know we will likely outlive our pets, losing a furry friend and member of the family is still difficult. Sometimes it can be hard to find a good way to honor a pet. Here are some ways to celebrate their memory.

  • Acknowledge your grief - First and foremost, know that your grief is normal. Grief is unique for everyone, but acknowledging your grief can help you start to find some closure.
  • Plan a burial or cremation - Having a spot to visit can be helpful for some. Depending on where you live, you may be able to bury your pet in your backyard or in a pet cemetery. Or you may be able to have your pet cremated and keep the ashes in an urn in a special location. 
  • Make a donation - Consider a charitable donation in your pet’s name. It might be to your pet’s favorite park, an animal shelter, or a rescue organization. You could even start a fund in your pet’s name to help others who need financial assistance caring for their own pets. 
  • Create a memorial page on social media - Invite friends to share memories and pictures. 
  • Create a memory box - Save pictures, tags, snippings of fur, and any other mementos you have. 
  • Keep them close to your heart - These days there are many ways to memorialize your pet, but one way is to have a piece of jewelry made. Some types might include your pet’s name, an image of your pet, or an imprint of their nose or paw. 
  • Create a memorial plaque for your garden - Make one yourself or have an artist make one for you. 
  • Commission artwork - There are many artists who will create drawings or paintings of your pet. You simply need to send them a picture of your pet and they will do the rest.
  • Look into pet loss grief support - If you’re finding it difficult to cope, don’t be afraid to seek out help either online or in person. 

Losing a pet can be incredibly difficult. The main thing is to allow yourself the time and space to grieve. Hopefully, these ideas will help you celebrate the memory of your beloved pet and remember the wonderful times you shared with them. 


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