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Do I Have to Use a Funeral Home to Be Buried in a Cemetery?

Post by: Kelso-Cornelius Funeral Home Staff

As you grieve, the last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed by practical and logistical concerns. That's the primary reason why most individuals choose to coordinate memorial and burial services through a local funeral home.  READ ARTICLE

What Cremation Terms are Important to Know

Post by: Kelso-Cornelius Funeral Home Staff

When a loved one dies, you're suddenly forced to make a lot of tough decisions about cremation, burial, and memorialization. One of the biggest challenges is mastering the terminology; put merely, cremation entails a lot of “lingo” that you may be unfamiliar with.  READ ARTICLE

Holding a Jewish Funeral: Acceptable Locations

Post by: Kelso-Cornelius Funeral Home Staff

It is customary for Jewish funerals to be held within 24 hours of death if possible, though exceptions are made in the event of travel needs, Sabbath, and holidays. With the quick turnaround, one may wonder where it is acceptable to hold such rituals.  READ ARTICLE