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Honoring Veterans This Memorial Day

Post by: Philip Cota

Memorial Day is upon us and while for many that means a long weekend away from work and barbecues with family and friends for many more it's an important day to remember those who gave their all protecting the freedom us citizens enjoy so much.  READ ARTICLE

Remember the Meaning of Memorial Day

Post by: Philip Cota

What can you do to observe Memorial Day in a meaningful way? Discover some options by reading this blog post.  READ ARTICLE

What are Some Ways to Personalize the Funeral Procession to the Cemetery?

Post by: Philip Cota

When a funeral moves from the site of the memorial service to the site of the burial, it's often necessary for mourners to pile into their vehicles and do a bit of traveling. This is what is known as the funeral procession, and it's an important part of traditional funeral services.  READ ARTICLE