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Ask the Director™ is the ORIGINAL funeral home and cemetery content provider. Hire us to deliver organic results and stay ahead of your competition.

Ask the Director™ provides everything you need to promote your brand, drive traffic, generate leads, and connect with your community.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

We put the original content on your website and then drive social media traffic to you. This helps build your business, not the businesses of Facebook, Twitter and Google. If your content is COMPELLING & ENGAGING, a reader is going to be more willing to trust you.

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation & Conversion

Powerful content means generating RELEVANT LEADS that convert at a higher rate. Leads you'll get from your content marketing strategy will have a much higher conversion rate due to the level of trust we achieve for your brand.

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Online Reputation Control

Online Reputation Control

Take control and lift your online review scores with our suite of family review collection and display tools. Integrates with any website. Real time monitoring and collection tools help you CATCH A PROBLEM before it’s too late.

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Aftercare Support

Aftercare Support

We are the ONLY grief support program that allows you to choose from 5 DIFFERENT TYPES OF LOSS (General, Spouse, Parent, Child, Pet & Suicide). The aftercare communication program can drive leads and follow up contact from the families you serve.

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SEO Engine Rankings Boost

Search Engine Rankings Boost

If your funeral home or cemetery is not showing up on page one in Google, YOU ARE MISSING FIRST CALLS TO YOUR COMPETITORS. With our proven track record, we establish our clients' websites as authorities in the funeral industry.

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Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Our live streaming team has more than 20 years supporting technology for funeral homes. We are here for you every step of the way, from setup to live streaming. EASIEST, MOST AFFORDABLE live streaming system on the market.

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Our Experience Makes Us Different

Signing up with Ask the Director™ puts a marketing team with 20+ years in the funeral industry at your fingertips. We can help you capture market share and grow your family outreach. Our articles are sourced by interviewing some of the top funeral directors, preneed counselors and cemeterians in the country. With them we develop content that will be of direct interest to your community. Then we promote that content to drastically increase relevant traffic to your website.

  • New Article Posted Every Other Day on Website & Social Media Accounts
  • Engaging Content Added To Our 300+ Article Library Every 2 Weeks
  • Our Content Covers Funeral, Cemetery, Cremation, Religious, Veteran, Preplanning, Grief, Pets, Green Funeral & More
  • Content Can Be Posted on ANY Website ... CFS, Batesville, Frontrunner Pro, Frazer Consultants, funeralOne, Custom Website, etc.


Our Pricing
À la Carte & Package Pricing

Ask the Director™ provides everything you need to promote your brand, drive traffic, generate leads, and connect with your community.

Ask the director™
Social Media Manager 

$ 65 /mo
  • Social Media Manager
  • Ask the Director™ Library - 300+ Articles
  • Custom Content for Your Community
  • Organic Google Search Rankings Boost

Social Media Manager

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Ask the director™ Plus
At-need & Pre-Need Leads

$ 245 /mo
  • Everything in Ask the Director™
  • PLUS At-need & Pre-need Lead Generation Marketing Tools
  • PLUS Monthly At-Need & Pre-Need Facebook Campaigns (Boost Yourself!)
  • PLUS Fully Branded Consumer Guides
  • PLUS Obituary Traffic Lead Generation
  • PLUS Aftercare Support System

Social Media Manager + Aftercare Support System + Lead Generation

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Ask the director™ Pro
Just make the phone ring

$ 495 /mo
  • Everything in Ask the Director™ Plus
  • PLUS Search Engine Ranking Boost
  • PLUS Online Reputation Control
  • PLUS First Call Campaigns Using Geofencing
  • PLUS Preneed Lead Generation Campaigns
  • PLUS Online Business Listings Clean Up
  • PLUS Full Serve Marketing Support

Social Media Manager + Aftercare Support + Lead Generation + SEO Boost + Online Reputation Control + Online Business Listings Cleanup

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Ask the Director™ Guides & Samples

Ask the Director™ provides everything you need to promote your brand, drive traffic, generate leads, and connect with your community.

25+ FREE Funeral & Cemetery Helpful Decision Guides

25+ FREE Guides

Offer your families FREE helpful decision guides that can help them with almost any funeral related topic. Make connections and generate pre-need leads.
Online Posts for Holidays and Observances

Funeral Home & Cemetery Marketing Outreach

Stay in touch with your community by recognizingHolidays & Observances throughout the year.
Social Media Posts for Funeral Homes

Inspirational Posts
for Social Media

Timely, meaningful posts shared on your social media pages at least twice a week to promote community bonding.

500+ (new articles added every 2 weeks) Funeral/Cemetery Industry Sources Articles

Original content created for funeral homes & cemeteries. Blog posts added to your website, Facebook & Google pages at least 3 times a week.

Aftercare Support
Best on Market

Provide Aftercare that sets you far apart from your competition. Offer targeted aftercare for specific types of grief, including suicide, by email and text.

Connect with Your Families

Looking for the best ways to connect with our families online? Look no further than Ask the Director™.

Ask the Director™ Testimonials

Ask the Director™ is one of the most talked about marketing products in the industry right now. Don't believe us? Just ask our clients.

" So many vendors tried to offer SEO and Social Media services to our company for advertising and after reviewing all of them, we felt that Ask the Director™ was the best fit for us because they had serious funeral and cemetery marketing experience at a fair and reasonable price. We'd highly recommend them. "

- Jerry Guttman
Co-Owner and CEO of Serenity and Company, LLC.
  • Serenity & Co.

" It (Ask the Director™ Plus) gives us a complete variety of at-need and pre-need campaigns to use at any time of the year. It generates new leads even without a paid campaign and that drives our cost per lead down. "

- Nicholas Bedson
Reeder Vogel Advertising (Funeral Industry Marketing Agency)
  • ReederVogel

" Our business relies heavily on digital marketing. Their (Ask the Director™) first call geofenced campaign was so effective that in the first month we actually had to request that it be turned off for two weeks to catch up after being flooded with first calls. Would highly recommend! "

- David Pena
Integrity Funeral Care / Park Lawn Corp
  • Park Lawn

" Hiring Ask the Director for our live streaming needs has been the best decision our firm has made in 2020. After trying several other streaming services, they are hands down the most proactive and conscientious service providers we have had. The value and level of service they provide cannot be overstated and their specific knowledge and insight into the funeral profession really sets them apart from the competition. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with and we cannot thank them enough for the service they provide to our organization and the families we serve. "

- Glen Hall
Badger Funeral Service, Inc.
  • Badger

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Ask the Director™ provides everything you need to promote your brand, drive traffic, generate leads, and connect with your community.

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